Thursday, July 31

More on Quinoa

Remember the post on Quinoa? Remember the recipe listed, Quinoa with Corn, Scallions, and Mint? A W E S O M E. Make it.

If you haven't tried quinoa yet, do make this dish. Fresh, flavorful, light, a bit chewy, and healthy. If you have made quinoa, make this dish next!! I've made it twice now with eight different, very positive comments of surprised delight. It's in my top five side dishes, along with Island Rice and Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and Green Bean Salad w/ Mint Vinaigrette.

The second time I made it, pictured here, I used half buff quinoa and half red quinoa for a variety in appearance. It tasted pretty much the same, and it was just an option I decided to try. I also used half basil, half mint, both times since I didn't let my mint grow back enough to get a full half cup.


Anonymous said...

I made this recipe for the second time last night and decided to cook it the way most other recipes instructed, which is to cook it like rice. Well, I got busy and didn't watch it close enough and it cook about 3 minutes too long! It was really soft and mushy:( It still tasted good but it had a pasty texture which I didn't like.When I added the dressing it just really soaked in and became even more pasty. We had it for dinner but I ended up throwing it away! So I'm not sure if the texture was the result of the over cooking or it was the result of cooking it like rice instead of steaming it. It did absorb more water cooking it like rice instead of steaming for the last part of cooking it. I will go back to cooking it like the recipe instruct. I think there is less chance of over cooking it with the steaming method. The last time the quinoa was flully and the grains were separated.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name to the last post by anonymous.

Alicia said...

That is interesting about the cooking method. I was tempted to do my usual method that I've done for other recipes for when I made this for the first time, but took your earlier recommendation to make it the way the recipe calls first.

I made this for the third time last night! haha. Corn is in season now and my mint plant is doing well, so all I have to get is lemons to make it each time. It's so healthy and filling too that it's a great summer go-to recipe.