Sunday, July 6


Funny story from my mom, if you like dogs:

"I was laying on the couch and Asher came over to me and put his front feet on my shoulder. I was reading and didn't pay any attention to him, so he started tapping me on the shoulder with one of his paws. He kept on tapping me on the shoulder until I looked at him and then he gave me a couple of kisses and then went and laid down. It was like he was saying 'Mom, Mom'."

Hilarious! Do you have any funny pet stories?


Ryan said...

Funny story! :) I left a pet story on my blog.

Liana said...

Hellllooooo, Alicia! I'm here! I'm leaving a message on your blog - and it will be longer than the one I left for Ry. :-) Love the pic of Asher. What a sweet face for a cute story. They (pets) do seem human sometimes. I miss having Jack, Mikey and Lily around. They all had such fun, different personalities.