Thursday, April 17

Vaccines: Article

Cluster of "SIDS" deaths in north Idaho prompt parents to blame vaccines; doctors, government deny vaccine link

The deaths of three infants in Coeur d'Alene in September and October, 2007, within a few days of their four- month vaccines, prompted one of the mothers to fight back.

By Ingri Cassel
Frontpage story

Shelly Walker's heart wrenching story made the front page of The Spokesman-Review newspaper on December 22, 2007, with the provocative headline, "Did vaccines kill?"

The headline shook up many residents here as they prepared for Christmas with their families. The story highlighted Shelly's shock when she discovered her son Vance in his crib unresponsive and limp. Blood was crusted under his eyes and a bloody foam was coming from his mouth onto the blanket lying beside him.The following is from The Spokesman-Review story:

"My baby was so healthy," said Shelly Walker, 39, of Hayden. "He was extremely full of life, energy and vitality.

"In the early morning of Sept. 15, less than three days after Vance Vernon Walker received a round of vaccines at Lakeside Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in Coeur d'Alene, his mother awoke to a parent's worst nightmare. "It was about 5:15 a.m. I woke up and thought, 'He's not making any noise!' " Walker recalled. "I went to pick him up and then I screamed.

"Her 16 1/2-pound boy was warm and his lips were still pink, but he wasn't moving. Blood was crusted beneath his eyes and his clothes and toys were covered with a bloody froth. As her husband, Brian, 46, called 911, Walker worked frantically to resuscitate their child. But in the emergency room at Kootenai Medical Center, doctors said Vance had been dead for several hours."

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Catherine said...

I know this is a controversial topic, but I thought I'd mention that one thing that really irritates me about the article you linked (and others like it) is that there is NO information in it about why/if the shots caused the SIDS. Couldn't you just as easily say "I ate watermelon and then breastfed my baby and three days later he got a rash, so he must be allergic to watermelon." I'm not trying to minimize the incredible heartache this family went through to lose a baby, but I think we need to be careful about drawing cause and effect relationships without any real medical or scientific evidence.

This is one reason I am still on the fence about vaccines. There is very little ACTUAL information available. There is a lot of internet hype and government assurance (which I don't take without a grain of salt either) and contradictory assertion, but very little in the way of helpful, clear, unbiased fact.

Sorry to vent, I am glad you're doing this series and I'm looking forward to hearing more of your research and seeing what conclusions you come to!

Alicia said...

Hi Catherine!

Good comments. Your reasons for being irritated is why I'm posting information and not just articles. I even debated posting the article for that reason but do want to consider families' stories. What concerns me is the seeming negligence of the government to conduct those unbiased studies. They're left to other organizations, and they are out there. I'll see if I can post some. I haven't read the studies mentioned here but recall seeing them listed: They focus on autism and I haven't/won't single autism out, but it may be a start.

I believe there is a lot more than internet hype as well. There are several books I know of that have been around for several years that are not "alarmist" books, one of which I'm reading. Also, there are several mothers at church who selectively vaccinate. I've made a point personally to avoid having all my information from the internet, though I will certainly include that.

Thanks again for your comments!

Catherine said...

Hey Alicia, I apologize for how my comment sounded. I do understand that you're not getting all of your research from the internet, I should have been more clear that my frustration was with that type of source, not with YOU for posting it!

I sent you an email too!