Wednesday, April 9

Farm Share

Ryan and I are thinking about joining a local farm share this summer. It goes into the fall and you can get either weekly or bi-weekly shares of fresh produce. We'd choose the bi-weekly share and get 8-9 varieties of fresh produce every two weeks. I think it will help to increase our vegetable intake!

The farm we are considering is the Dillner Family Farm. I've been interested in this for a little while and was glad to find one fairly close to where we live. We're looking forward to having very fresh produce which will last longer than grocery store produce. The Farm is a CSA farm (community sustainable agriculture). We'd pick up our [already washed] food every two weeks on Tuesday afternoons. There are some friends from church who are doing this farm share too, so maybe something can be coordinated for the pick-up.

This will be a great move for us if we:
  1. Eat all the food and don't let any/too much go to waste.
  2. Lower our regular food budget by the amount per week by the weekly cost (paid up front): $14 a week.
I hope we like everything that comes in the share. Looking at the harvest calendar, I don't care for beets and eggplant, and neither does Ryan. I like almost everything else though and could surely make do with what we don't like. Ryan will become giddy over the sweet corn, especially if we make it with Chili Lime Butter (I always work LIME in somehow....I know, I know!!).

Have you tried something like this or are you considering it? Do you like LIMES? lol.


Catherine said...

Wow, $14 a week is a great price for a CSA!!! I wish I could find one here for that little. I wish I could take that eggplant off of your hands for you - I love eggplant!

Candace said...

Eggplant parm is really yummy, esp if you bread and bake the slices.
I agree, $14 is a great deal.
Hope it all goes well for you.