Wednesday, March 26

Travel Coffee Mug Success

Back in December, I posted about a review by America's Test Kitchen rearding Travel Coffee Mugs. A couple weeks ago, we bought one of the recommended mugs for each of us, made by Oxo. We really like them!! The seal is great, drinking is a breeze, and the beverage remains pretty warm for a while. Ryan has been filling the mugs with boiling water for 5-10 minutes in advance of pouring the coffee. That way, the mugs are heated by the water, and the heat from the coffee doesn't dissipate as quickly. The other day, however, we were getting ready to leave in the morning and I was hurrying. I grabbed my mug to take a drink, thinking Ryan had prepared my coffee. He said "it's not done yet" or something close to that, so I moved quickly to empty the mug of what I thought was the hot water in order to pour in the coffee. Oops!! There was not water, but coffee in it, and I had just dumped my coffee down the sink. There wasn't enough for a second mug so I went without. It wasn't a big deal since I don't have to have coffee every day but it was an interesting moment of wondering who "messed up". I was hurrying and assumed Ryan meant something he hadn't.

Back to the mug itself, we particularly like the locking button to seal the mug closed when not drinking.
ATK's complaint over cleaning hasn't been an issue for us. Ryan was content to get any old mug from Starbucks but I of course had to get a well-rated rated mug and had to buy with knowledge, lol, so he patiently waited for me to buy them. I got them both for less than $30 total and saved about $5 off the regular price of each after a 20% off coupon and a mislabeling of the price at Bed Bath & Beyond. (photo from amazon)

Speaking of coffee, Money Saving Mom referred her readers to an opportunity for a free sample of Starbucks coffee. Check it out. I don't know how large the sample is or if they are beans or ground coffee.


lynardlynard said...

Sounds like a well-designed mug--the locking and the sippability (my word). My problem is that I like the purity of ceramic or glass. The idea of poring my steaming coffee into a polymer lining (the black part) is yucky to me. Those molecules have to mix. The stainless steel interiors seem to cool down too fast. What's a girl to do?

Yeh, the Starbucks samples were gone by the time I checked. I am bummed because I never got my Starbucks gift card for that survey. (Hope I didn't throw it away with the ubiquitous junk mail.)

|||||| lynard

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alicia! I've been looking for another mug for Alastair, since his is wearing out. So a couple of weeks ago I combed through your old posts to find your December one. It was very helpful, and so is this update!

Rebecca said...

Cool! I'll definitely be checking this out!