Wednesday, June 6

Th Ancho-Lime Marinated BBQ Chicken went swimmingly with the couscous and vegetables I made yesterday. I grilled the chicken tonight and had some of the couscous leftovers. I loved it! So flavorful, healthy and complimentary.

After removing the chicken from the marinade, I boiled the excess in the microwave instead of discarding it, and I basted it on the chicken as it cooked. I might add some brown sugar to the rest of the marinade that wasn't used today (I made a whole recipe but used a portion for one breast of chicken).


eurorebs said...

I LOVE your profile picture. You're so adorable and beautiful!!

Everything you make is SO GOOD. I miss you so much! We're overdue for a phone call :) haha

Catherine said...

I was thinking of trying your marinade - do you think I could use regular chili powder for it, or does it have to be specifically ancho chili powder? Is that a dumb question?