Wednesday, December 13

Presents, Spreadsheets and Anne with an 'e'

I wrapped all my Christmas presents last night, though I am waiting for a couple items to arrive in the mail (fear not, I didn't wrap the items that aren't yet in my could be read that way).

I don't know what your method of shopping is, but looking at my spreadsheet (yes, dear Readers, I have a spreadsheet...some of you are not surprised in the least) and doing quick count, out of 29 items purchased, only four were purchased when I was physically in a store! Five were purchased with mail order, and the rest were purchased online. Some of the items are only available online, and some I bought online for price &/or convenience. It would be interesting to see what I paid overall in shipping for those 20 items. Most of me can't be bothered with the parking, traffic and crowds unless I'm with a friend or in a leisurely mood.

So, back to my spreadsheet. I keep track of the gifts I am waiting to receive in the mail and mark it when it has arrived. There are other uses as well that make for wonderful reasons to use spreadsheets!
Don't forget, I am an accountant. Some of my friends could, in between fits of laughter, tell you the kinds of things I have tracked in spreadsheets. Some of those I have perhaps conveniently forgotten in the last minute or two and as a result, cannot share here for your reading pleasure. Rest assured, once they return to my memory, I will share them here immediately to make myself available to be mocked. :: snicker ::

What is your shopping style? Or, if I dare you keep spreadsheets for anything? If so, then we are kindred spirits.

Anne: "I've always dreamed of having a 'bosom' friend...a true kindred spirit."


Catherine said...

Your gifts look very pretty! I don't use spreadsheets because my brain doesn't work well with horizontal rows. I prefer lists and outlines.

I'd like to get more organized with Christmas shopping for next year. My ideal is to be totally finished months before Christmas, because I don't like to be franticly busy in December. I bought a lot of things online this year too. So many places have free shipping deals now, it was totally worth it to stay out of the malls.

Joshua said...

I'm totally a last minute person. You could say it's a guy thing, but mostly it's because I can't stand malls...anytime of year. So I usually force myself to go to the mall once or twice a year and it has to be at the end of the year.

Rebs said...

LOL!!!! Of course, I will admit that I WISH I was better at Excel and staying organised (with an "s" like the British:)) like that. Sure, we mock you, but it's b/c we love you and wish we could be like you! :) hehe

Me? No such spreadsheets - just lots of little random sticky notes and pieces of paper flying around my room and falling in and out of my planner... :)

YAY! I made your "Blogs I Read" list! I'll let you know when it goes live and doesn't have the "/blog" on the end :) Love you.