Tuesday, November 7


I fairly vocal about politics in person, but not really on here. I am, however, sorely disappointed that Rick Santorum lost the seat for PA and that things are shifting toward the Democrats for the Senate. I know I can't fully grasp the consequences of this change in power.

I often read Heart Aflame, which are daily readings from Calvin on the Psalms. A reading from last week was encouraging to me, and it applies to this time with elections:

On Psalm 118:22, "The stone the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone."

David proceeds to repeat, at some length, that it is erroneous to estimate the kingdom of Christ by the sentiments and opinions of men, because, in spite of the opposition of the world, it is erected in an astonishing manner by the invisible power of God. In the meantime, we ought to remember, that all that was accomplished in the person of Christ extends to the gradual development of His kingdom, even until the end of the world. When Christ dwelt on the earth, He was despised by the chief priests; and now, those who call themselves the successors of Peter and Paul, but who are truly Ananiases and Caiaphases, giant-like wage war against the Gospel and the Holy Ghost. Not that this furious rebellion ought to give us any uneasiness: let us rather humbly adore that wonderful power of God which reverses the perverse decisions of the world. If our limited understandings could comprehend the course which God follows for the protection and preservation of His Church, there would be no mention made of a miracle. From this we conclude, that His mode of working is incomprehensible, baffling the understandings of men. But if we call to mind this prophecy, our faith will not fail, but will be more and more confirmed; because, from these things it will the better appear that the kingdom of Christ does not depend upon the favor of men, and that it does not derive its strength from earthly supports, even as He has not attained it by the suffrages of men. If, however, the master-builders build well, the perverseness of those who will not permit themselves to be appropriated to the sacred edifice will be so much the less excusable. Moreover, as often as we shall, by this species of temptation, be put to the trial, let us not forget that it is unreasonable to expect that the Church must be governed according to our understanding of matters, but that we are ignorant of the government of it, inasmuch as that which is miraculous surpasses our comprehension.
God is building His kingdom in ways seen and unseen by us. We are not left without responsibility to honor and proclaim His name, and while we await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can rest knowing that it is God who builds His church and is not twarted by legislation or earthly judgments. I'm so thankful that, as Calvin said, the kingdom of Christ does not depend on the favor of men!

"But the Lord will scorn them all; He will laugh who sits on high." (Psalm 2)

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Doctor X said...

That reminds me with the Democrats taking control of both hosues I'll need to adjust my withholding... WAY UP to cover the tax increase that is going to happen.