Wednesday, November 1

Playing around and other ramblings

I bought and arranged some flowers tonight and took out my tripod, remote shutter release and of course my camera and "wasted" about an hour whilst I could have been doing some other productive things. See? You get to benefit from it! For those who have a mild interest in photography, the first picture was exposed for 15 seconds and second picture for 3.2 seconds. And for the VERY few who have an interest in accounting, that is indeed an old book called Accounting Concepts at the bottom of the stack which I have not read and do not plan to read. The first is Frankenstein, one of my favorite novels, and the middle is Mrs. Mike, which I greatly enjoyed as did my mom. Now I know you wanted to know those particulars! Look, this turned into a book recommendation post.

On a more exciting note, I just got back from a trip to Colorado the other night. I had a great time seeing the many beauties of the state (including sunshine. Yay for being back in dreary PA!) and eating several meals of marinated chicken, rice, salsa, sour cream, black beans, and guacamole. I was quite content. Pictures are in my albums link to the left.

One last recommendation is a fun board game called "Loaded Questions". I have played it with several different groups recently
(5-6 people each) and have received rave reviews of how much the game was enjoyed. It was most recently played at our Reformation Day Pizza & Game night at church yesterday evening.

Oh! One more thing. The random comments have yet to end. I am going to the Ringling Brothers circus tomorrow with my family! I am really excited, particularly since I thought they might have moved by now to Oregon and we would never get to go again together. I grew up going to the circus and only missed a couple of years. Our tradition has been to get Chinese food before the show, so we're doing that too. Yay!


Catherine said...

What pretty flowers! Now you've made me crave Chinese food! Mmmm General Tso's chicken....

Anonymous said...

I looking forward to tonight also. a very nice family tradition.

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Flower arranging is something I've been wanting to get into for a while now.

That's so great you got to go to Colorado...I sure do miss the Springs.