Wednesday, October 11

It's like Timmy and Lassie

Kind of.

Below is the text of an actual "instant message" conversation I had with a friend yesterday online. It was super funny to me because I was there. Since you were not, think of it in light of those situations on TV (only on TV, yes, and not real life) where a dog is barking madly, and the boy says "What is it Lassie? Is something wrong?" Bark barkbarkBARK!bark!! "A boy fell into the lake and is drowning?" Barkbark!!bark. "Ok, lets go help!" barkbarkwoof.

Friend: hey
Friend: C643d y64 he3- 0e
Alicia: not really haha
Friend: 6h 0an!
Friend: th5n2 there 5s a 36c2 6f s60e b4tt6n 5 need t6 -ress
Alicia: your buttons don't work?
Friend: they w6r2 s6rt 6f
Friend: 14st n40bers s60eth5ng
Alicia: are you on a laptop?
Friend: yes
Friend: n5ght0are!
Alicia: you probably have a key locked in for a secondary function
Friend: any 5deas/
Alicia: i think it's your numlock
Friend: 5 -ressed 5t b4t n6 change/
Alicia: you should have a colored key that has an abbreviation of "function"
Alicia: then on another part of the key board, in the same color, will be a numlock key
Alicia: hold down both at the same time, and it should take numlock off
Friend: jaldkjfaoijtriajtliajgl
Friend: thank you you are the girl!!!
Alicia: hahah!!!!!
Alicia: so funny, you got it
Friend: got it
Friend: thanks soooo much!


Doctor X said...

Leave it to an accountant to figure that one out.
Of course you would know how to turn the number pad on and off on a notebook.

lynardlynard said...

That is so funny! You should save that exchange to weave into your first novel.

|||||| lynard

Kat said...