Wednesday, September 6

One of my favorite desserts ::clapping hands::

eek!! I just discovered that one of my favorite desserts is available online from Real Simple. The recipe for Individual Chocolate Melting Cakes was originally found in the magazine about five years ago (by my mom, I think, Hi Mom!). Real Simple is connected to Cooking Light, so I've successfully added it to my desserts link to the side. I'm making this tomorrow for some friends and particularly like to serve it with Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream. Note that I use ramekins instead of muffin tins, and I serve the cakes in the ramkens placed on a plate (for spillage). Also, I've never used the caramel sauce it calls for.

I am quite excited that I can share it with you all and have it as an item in my online cookbook to the side. If you like chocolately-velvety-richness, this is the recipe for you.

What does it mean that I am so giddy about this? Doctor, please?

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Lingalls said...

Those look really good!

BTW, I sent you a PM.