Monday, September 11

I Remember, Too.

Some of my friends have been posting their remembrance of September 11, 2001. I wasn't in a prominant place that day (while some were). I was just at college my senior year, and it was a sunny, chilly morning. I was near the mail room in the Student Center when someone came in and said something about a plane hitting one of the WTC towers. I went upstairs to study, thinking it was a freak accident. After a few minutes, I kept thinking about it, so I left the table where my roommate, Kim, was also studying. I went downstairs to watch the TV where many were gathered and silent, and I was completely thrown by what I saw on TV. I was due in class but couldn't leave the TV except to go back upstairs and get Kim. I stayed for about two hours (classes were cancelled) and just watched and watched and watched, in near disbelief as to what was going on. I just could not fathom that those towers were collasping I as I watched and that so many perished as I watched. I'm used to hearing about tragedy after the fact. This happened as I watched. Later, I called my mom, and we cried. My mom thought my dad, who worked for the judicial branch of the government at the time and was in Erie that day, would have to Shanksville (where Flight 93 crashed) to help out at the crash site. I was so sad that he would potentially have to witness that scene (thankfully he did not have to do that).

The rest of the day, I watched the news with my friends. I remember how quiet the skies were. While, I don't remember many particulars of the days following, I do rememeber all the footage of people praying and caring for each other. With sadness, I realized that many of the people praying were not praying because they acknowledged God for who He is or because they trusted in Him for their salvation and comfort. It was simply because they were needy, hurting, and prayed to "someone up there". I also realized that we tend to think an awful lot of ourselves as a country and many say "God Bless America". God has done and will do as He pleases with this country, and my heart doesn't really echo the sentiment of God blessing America. He blesses His people alone for His own name, whether American or not.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the "God bless America" thing. It really bothers me as well how many American Christians seem to think that America is God's chosen nation or something - we really do think of ourselves highly. I HATE when I go into Sunday school classrooms and see Bible verses with an American flag background...I hate singing patriotic songs in church...and I hate when our worship powerpoint has a bald eagle and flag background. Pet peeve.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that perspective, Alicia and Kristy. I've gotten increasingly uncomfortable with people who confuse their religious views with everyone else's political and social rights. Some people are so emphatic about it they sound like the Islamists - I've heard them referred to as "Christianists". But Jesus didn't teach any of that. His message was radical because it was about loving your neighbor, not about hating anyone who disagrees with you. And I think they've forgotten that he said, "Blessed are the peacemakers."