Sunday, August 13

Photo Quiz #2

I can't determine whether this will be easy or hard. I'll post the answer in a week, or sooner if enough people beg.

If you want an extra challenge, try this one:


Anonymous said...

The first picture is of a reamer to juice lemons and limes.
The second one looks like corn silk.

Doctor X said...

I am not sure what #1 is but #2 looks like the fake grass one would find in a kid's easter basket. (but I bet it is really some kind of food product)

Sir Ryan said...

it's hard not to let previous comments influence my decision.

the first one i thought looked like some kind of cork, but it'd be pretty ineffective with all those ridges, so i'm probably wrong.

the second one definitely looks like alfalfa sprouts to me.

Tim Wilsey said...

#1) A hand juicer
#2) Corn Silk