Monday, July 24

Quick eBay Devotions

Yes, I meant to confuse you with the title! Hahahahahaha.

Have you seen the Quick Change act? It's pretty entertaining! Still figuring it out.
This appears to be a great feature if you buy on eBay. It is a free search of listings that are misspelled based on the correct spelling you input. What that means for you is that someone else searching for an item with the right spelling may not find the auction with the wrong spelling = less bidders and competition. I recommend checking the "
Exclude the original word" box. This page shows what comes up if I search for listings where "Pottery Barn" was misspelled by the seller.
I was encouraged by today's reading from Spurgeon's Morning & Evening Devotions.


Doctor X said...

Waiting on The Lord

It’s so hard to wait isn’t it? We all want what we want now on our timetable and not on The Lords. We get impatient with God and it turns our prayer into a demand. I know the hardest thing we can do is wait. To wait is to appear to be idle; time is passing for us the big change might be slipping through out fingers. God searches our heart and knows our needs, He also knows when we need to be tempered and strengthened by fire. I often pray that I will have the strength to follow the path God has laid out for me. I’ve never stopped to think that sometimes He wants me to stop and wait while I journey down that path. Think of what you can miss if you only walk straight ahead and never stop to look around. Our God is a mighty and glorious God praise for Him should always be on our lips and in our hearts.

I’m also glad to see that you enjoy answers in genesis. It’s a great web site especially if you have children who like to ask a million questions.

Alicia said...

Good comments, Phil!