Sunday, July 16

Clowning around....literally

I can't resist putting another picture up from my delightful childhood. We had great fun getting[real] clown make-up put on by my dad at various times in our lives. If you know my family, you will have likely heard of my dad's love for the circus as he grew up (and continues today). I went to RBB&B circus each year throughout my childhood, and my parents even went on dates when they were younger to watch the circus being set up! If you've been to my parents' house, you may have seen my Dad's model circus trains, a hobby which began when he was 14 (building many from modeling kits in this house!). Good times.

Sorry to those who are afraid of clowns. :-)


Anonymous said...

I hate clowns, but very cute pic!!

Jo said...

hmmm...interesting picture. I have to go now (running off to the corner with pictures of evil midget clowns in my head)

Anonymous said...

Well I love clowns...both these particular clowns and clowns in general! Great picture and will you do my makeup one day? Auntie Chris