Monday, February 6

Sheltie #2

My parents are purchasing a second sheltie this coming weekend (left). I went along to visit the litter a couple of weeks ago and assisted in choosing which of two puppies would become theirs. My parents currently have a sable colored sheltie, Micah. He is on his way to excelling in agility after mastering the "wonderful pet" competition. The new sheltie is blue merle colored, and his name is Asher (meaning, "happy"). He appears to have a fun personality, similar to Micah's. Asher is playing on the "teeter" in these pictures from the breeder, to get used to agility equipment.

The breeder also has a bit about Asher as well if you visit this site. There are also pictures of the other four puppies in the litter and a picture of the parents. They are very nice looking dogs.

It was also discovered that all the "boys" in our immediate family have biblical names (Thomas, Andrew, Zachary, Adam, Micah & Asher), and all the "girls" have non-biblical names (Alicia, Charlotte, & Erin).

And if you can imagine this, the night we visited the litter, we also saw a second litter. So we played with 10 puppies that night! They are very fun and hilarious to watch. The litter that Asher belongs to is from Ohio, so the breeder came to Pittsburgh. We met up with her at another breeder's house to see the puppies, and this second breeder also owns a new litter. Confusing, I know, but I sure had fun! I can't wait until Saturday!

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