Thursday, January 19

End of the Spear

A friend reminded me about movie which is coming out tomorrow called End of the Spear. It is about the ministry and death of Jim Elliot and the other men with him and about the subsequent events that occured in the tribe they pursued. The website about the movie is very good, and it's exciting to read about how they made the movie and that it really seems to be true to what happened.

If you visit the site, you can view a trailer, read about the making of the movie and much more. I found local show times at

My hope is that the movie would glorify God and testify to the amazing work of His grace in the lives of sinners.


Tamara said...

It looks very good. Our christian radio station keeps promoting it.

Tamara said...

Because Jared couldn't watch Narnia I don't think I will watch the End of the Spear. I would rather watch C.S Lewis then history. :) But the movie looks good and I hope God is glorified.