Monday, December 19

Dear Alicia


Dear Alicia:

I'm not sure what to do. Last weekend, my husband and I went to the movies and had to park in a parking garage. When I used the machine to pay the $3 at the end, I forgot to get the validated ticket in order to get out of the garage. I don't know why I didn't think to get it! But we got to the exit, and it occured to me that we couldn't get out. I ran back to the machine, but the ticket was not there. My husband bravely attempted to get a new ticket at the entrance from the unmanned machines with no success. What were we to do? We went back to the ticket payment center, and lo and behold, there was an answer. A $15 deliverance for those who lost their ticket. That was us.

We paid $18 for parking that really should have been $3. What would you have done?

Piddling in Pittsburgh

Dear Piddling,

I'm sorry for your experience, but you must realize that it was all your fault. Good thing you didn't try to escape under the raised gate behind another car, for your car surely would have been crushed to pieces by the lowering gate. At best, it would have hit the trunk of your car (for you would have nearly made it) and would have flipped your car into the air, landing upside down. It would have been a distaster costing much more than $18. Be happy that you had a fun evening seeing King Kong with your dear husband and friends and that you were warm and cozy in your bed that night and not stuck in the parking garage. Not so cozy.



Rebs said...

HI!! :)

Charlotte said...

I didn't know those gates would cause that much damage.So happy that we waited for 4 hours for someone to repair the gate when we got stuck in the hospital parking lot at St Margaret's hospital!! I knew my husband, who was waiting to be picked up, would be comfortable in the wheelchair and protected by the nurse until I got there!
Amazing what a person can learn for the interner.

Alicia said...

O, the perils of parking garages!!