Friday, December 16

But You Don't Look Sick?

Do you know someone who goes through life while managing health issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia or Lupus? I know of at least five people who do, and a good friend sent me an article a few months ago that described what one person's daily life is like with fatigue. It explained it really well. It painted a picture for me to catch a glimpse into their lives and the fatigue they struggle through.

Because I had mono this past summer, I have a very faint inkling of what it's like to have fatigue for more than a couple of days. But only faint. I was over mono within three weeks, but I know people who deal with this every day, year after year. And I believe them when they say it gets old. With mono, I knew it would eventually go away. That is not so for those described by this illustration.

Please read this essay about the spoon theory. Hopefully consideration of this perspective may be useful in how you serve others now and in the future and to stir thankfulness for the energy you have. I've had my full strength back for several months now, and I am still grateful for my overabundance of spoons in life. It's easy to forget though, and this article reminded me of this sometimes veiled blessing.

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