Tuesday, December 13

4,000 Text Messages in ONE Month?!?!

I was at a training seminar yesterday on payroll taxes and ate lunch with some fellow attendees, mostly women who were mothers. It was interesting and not surprising to hear them talk about their kids' cell phones and other techno gadgets. One woman even said that she got her daughter unlimited text messaging because in one month, the girl sent over 4,000 text messages. Woah there, Bessie! It's unnecessary in the first place for a teenager to have a cell phone for social reasons. But to send 4,000 in one month and for the mother to then purchase an unlimited plan to allow the trend to continue? She talked as though she disapproved of her daughter's phone activity, but her very act of changing the service plan to accomodate her is an indication of consent.

He dies for lack of discipline, and because of his great folly he is led astray." ~ Proverbs 5:23


Tamara said...

Goodness sake. Cell phones are such a mysterious thing to me. Why on earth this generation revolves around them so much I fear to know. But, I would rather have my child speaking with other people then staring at a tv all day. But, yeah the lady seemed to contradict herself. I think the mother may secretly be proud that her daughter is so "popular."

Left of Center said...

I think that lady needs to get in tune with her daughters life, and stop catering to her addiction.

Alicia said...

I'm not as concerned with the cell phone industry as I am the parenting in this situation. It's just one example of many where you can see a lack of parenting and discipline...the child rules the house in many ways. It's sad.