Wednesday, August 30

A Poll I Made Up

:: Ahem ::

:: rustling of papers ::

:: blink, blink ::


1. What kind of physical activity did you do today? Pilates
2. Have you ever rotated a Queen mattress by yourself? Why yes, just last night, in fact. Funny you should ask.
3. Do you always cross your legs like you are doing now? Quite often, yes
4. Are you happy that the smokers in the apartment below you appear to be moving out? Very much so.
5. Have you finally done what is necessary to have your grill working again? Yes and no. I know that I need to try a new tank. It took me long enough to simply look at the back of the grill to find the model number (10 months). Anyone have a guess as to how long it'll take to take the tank to be replaced now that I know the tank is the issue (yes and even though your parents told you that several times already)?
6. How many times have you been to Starbucks in the last 2 weeks? Um, I think... :: counting :: ...four?
7. Do you think the triple shot of espresso in your drink will affect your sleep tonight? Probably not, though it could be affecting the content of this post
8. Why do you think the check engine light went on in your car again tonight? Hopefully because I didn't twist the gas cap enough yesterday. I will find out tomorrow (do you ask these questions of everyone Mr., I mean, Miss Pollster?).
9. How long did it take you to come up with this question? About a minute. You mean THIS question, right? Yes, about a minute.
10. Do you want your readers to comment and make up their own poll? Why certainly! That is a brilliant idea.
11. Last question, I had to throw this in. Did you really look up in an online thesaurus a synonym for "splendid"? And did you, in fact, decide to use the word brilliant instead? Yes, I did. I have always admired those who have a more creative vocabulary than me (Hi Catherine!).


Catherine said...

1. I took a 1.5 hour walk with Hannah in her stroller and our friend Rose and her baby Alan.

2. No. But I have rotated a double and flipped it. I have tried to rotate our king sized mattress, but it's only got one "right side up" and I got confused about where I was rotating. Then I got lost under there and Josh wanted to know what in the wild world of Muppet sports I thought I was doing under there. So I stopped.

3. I am not crossing my legs, but only because the keyboard shelf is in the way.

4. To my knowledge we have no one living under us. If there are smokers living under us, they must have burrowed under our concrete slab foundation, in which case they are very naughty and very sneaky.

5. I have never touched the grill. If it doesn't work, that would be Josh's concern!

6. Zero.

7. I am currently drinking a glass of water. If there were a shot of triple espresso in my water, why that would be a sad sad waste of espresso because it would be all watery and nasty. But it probably would keep me up too late. Then again, I'm already up too late, so maybe there WAS espresso in my water after all!

8. Our check engine light is not on, however the "maintenance required" light IS on, and I think it's due to the fact that we are way off the maintenance schedule. Like 7,000 miles off. Oh well.

9. eh...
10. eh...
11. Hi Alicia!

Doctor X said...

1. Does getting out of bed count?
2. yes and it should count as 1 (above)
3.Only when I wear a kilt
4. Yes, this past Sat the smokers in the
room below us at the Waterloo Inn set
off the fire alarm at 2.30am!
5. No, and stop bugging me about it!
I know I ran out of gas two weeks ago
I'll go to home depot on Sat for a refill
6. Does Panera count? 3 times but for bagels only. I make my own triple and quad shots at home.
7. It usually does. bed at 10pm awake
at 1am - 3am then awake again at 5am
8. Well the ABS and Break lights are on
on my car because the guy who replaced my bearings didn't have a VAGCOM tool to reset them and I am too cheap to spend $200 to buy my own.
9. answers ? too long
10. done and done
11. No, but I did try to look up HOCKER in the dictionary to find out what they are and why the might be banned from a school.

Michael Kertscher said...

I loved this post...Well, I still do...Anyways, number nine is the best one by far. I like your humor.

Michael Kertscher said...

A Poll I Made Up

1. Do you enjoy reading a book on your belcony while it is raining? Yes.
2. Do you exist? Ummm...Yes.
3. What is the first thing that comes to your mind after finishing typing this question? Macaroni noodles along with a title wave coming straight for me.
4. Why do people smoke cigarettes as they are coughing? Good question. I think it's because they can't stop or they don't care. Or maybe they don't realize that it is the smoking that causes them to cough.
5. What do you think lettuce is in a simplified explanation? Crunchy water.